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I come here to vent about Ridgeview Vista, home, the state of Virginia, and whatever else I feel like it.

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Welcome back to Cleveland!!!  ha!!

Welcome back to Cleveland!!!  ha!!

Please tell me I am NOT the only one who feels this way. 

Please tell me I am NOT the only one who feels this way. 






My show is coming….

A new season of Big Brother is about to start soon. 

I am actually on TEAM #reality t.v. sucks, but Big Brother seems like the only show that I can tolerate. 

New season July 12th on CBS. 

How true is this? Discuss. 

How true is this? Discuss. 

Invisible me.

Yep. I know. 

It’s been a while. 

So what?

I’m getting the feeling that the only time I really get on tumblr anymore is to vent. 

VENT about my life. VENT about school. VENT about everything. 

From now on, I will not vent. I will be happy. I will smile, and be happy, and smile, and…

Oh, enough with that. 

Let’s just get down to brass tacks. 

I’ve been getting messages in my inbox about why I haven’t been posting. 

"Are you dead?"

"Did you delete your tumblr?"

"Were you abducted?"

To those questions I have to say, NO..NO…and NO!

Maybe, just maybe my world doesn’t revolve around Tumblr. 

It’s hard to stay focused on this blog when there’s bigger issues at hand. 

Mom is trying hard to smile over the pain, but I know better. She’s not good at masquades…I am. 

Farrah Shane and I actually had a three minute conversation without negative words. Amazing? I know. 

Don’t worry though. Those three minutes were a rare occurance. It WON’T happen again. 

- Cory

Did everyone bring their reading glasses?

Did everyone bring their reading glasses?

madonna and the events of today

So. I’m just sitting in my room debating about whether or not I should do my homework or procrastinate just a little bit longer. 

In honor of Madonna, I have been blasting mom’s vinyl  Bedtime Stories album. 

I have yet to tell her that I have detention this week.

This will be the third time this month. 

Don’t think that I’m a bad kid. Because I’m not. 

I’m just….sometimes difficult to deal with. 

I don’t want to bother mom with all the drama that’s been going on in the family.

I keep telling myself that I only have 3 more years of this delusional dream. 

3 more years of Virginia. 3 more years of Ridgeview Hills. and 3 more years of walking down the jock invested halls of Ridgeview High. Today, as usual, I caught Farrah Shane looking at me and snickering about me to her posse. 

On the outside I cringed at her sorrowful image of perfection and beauty queen mannerisms, but on the outside I laughed. Because I know the real Farrah Shane. 

I don’t have to be her best friend to know what kind of person she really is. 

She may have everyone else in the town of Ridgeview Hills fooled, but not me. 

Farrah and I are more alike than she thinks.